Manchester University Henry Display May 2017 Posted: 16 October 2017

Henry Display

The artist’s daughter, Elaine, and Henry's grandson, standing by one of the display panels.

Celebration of the new Computer Science History display (Manchester University)

An event to celebrate the new history display in the Kilburn Building took place on Friday 5th May. The display exhibits the life and work of Desmond Henry. Desmond was a member of the Philosophy Department here, and was one of the earliest people to realise that computers, though designed for calculation, could be use to create artworks. The display includes some of the art he created using electromechanical analogue computers.
The celebration was a splendid event, attended by members of Desmond’s family, including his daughter Elaine who keeps his archive, staff from the Philosophy Department who knew Desmond, staff involved in the development of the display, including the university historian, James Hopkins, people from local art galleries, and members of this School. Robert Stevens opened the event and then there were various contributions discussing the history and context of Desmond’s work, led by Elaine. Some fascinating aspects of history were raised, including Alan Turing’s links with the Philosophy Department, and the influence of the C19th logic engines of William Jevons, developed here in Manchester. A big thanks to Karon Mee for the arrangements for this event.

By Professor David Rydeheard, School of CS newsletter, 09/05/2017

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New Permanent Henry display reception 05/05/17 at 3.0pm Posted: 23 April 2017

There will be a reception to celebrate the installation of a new, permanent public display outlining Henry’s  contribution to 1960’s Computer Art, in the Kilburn Building, Manchester University on May 5th. at 3.0pm. By invitation only. Henry was a lecturer then Reader in Philosophy at Manchester University 1949-1982.  

Henry comes to Leicester Posted: 01 November 2015



Two Leicester venues:

  • Phoenix Café Bar (11 original Henry drawings)
  • LCB Depot LightBox  (three drawings by each artist: DP Henry, Patrick Tresset, Jack Tait, Damon Roberts, Esther Rolinson and Damien Borowik)


Exhibition curator: Sean Clark of Interact Digital Arts, The Phoenix, Leicester.

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center Posted: 07 September 2015

Starting June 27th at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Vermont (USA), Art + Computer/Time (i.e., art plus computer over time) presents computer-generated artwork from the Anne and Michael Spalter Digital Art Collection. Fifteen of the most important early practitioners of digital art are represented in the exhibit, including Desmond Paul Henry.

Santa Fe exhibition Posted: 29 August 2015

Starting July 24th. five drawings by Desmond Paul Henry will be featured in a group exhibition Luminous Flux v2.0 at Art House in Santa Fe, USA.