Autumn 2019 Posted: 01 March 2020

  • Two Henry pictures are to be used by Universal Studios as set dressing in a forthcoming film entitled "Marry Me." The pictures will be hung in the apartment of leading actor Owen Wilson who will star alongside Jennifer Lopez.

The film tells the tale of a pop superstar (Jennifer Lopez) who is jilted by her rock-star fiancé moments before their wedding at Madison Square Garden, so she marries a random guy (Owen Wilson) from the crowd instead.


  • November 2019 issue of the magazine Artforum will be including a picture by Desmond Henry.


  • December 2019, some Henry pictures will be exhibited at CADAF (Contemporary and Digital Art Fair) Miami courtesy of Kate Vass Galerie, Zurich.


  • Henry is on show at Firstsite in Colchester till January 2020

July 2019: Hot Henry month Posted: 26 July 2019

Exhibitions July 2019

Desmond Henry - Exhibitions July 2019

Automat und Mensch, May 29th- October 15th, 2019, Kate Vass Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland.

Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers, June 7th- September 8th, 2019, The Old Library, Northgate St., Chester CH1, 2EF, UK. 

Pioneers of Computer Art, II, June 20th- 31st July, 2019, RCM Galerie, Paris, France.

Event Two, 12th - 17th July 2019, Royal College of Art, Kensington campus, London.

Henry in print! Posted: 18 October 2018

Crowther, Paul (2018) Digital Art, Aesthetic Creation: the birth of a medium, Routledge, pp.20-35.

Professor Crowther uses a philosophical approach to argue that art created by computers is really art. He dedicates the first chapter of this publication to Desmond Paul Henry. This represents the first in depth evaluation of Henry’s contribution to Computer Art.

“Henry remains a visionary independent who anticipates the ubiquity of technological being in the Postmodernism age.” (Crowther, 2018, p.35)

Henry in Paris! Posted: 18 October 2018

Two Henry artworks to be included in “Binary / Non-Binary“ from Nov. 5th 2018.
Venue: a private apartment in Paris, during the art fair Paris Photo.

Our thanks go to curator Georg Bak for including Henry in this exhibition.

Henry featured as a “display highlight” at the V&A! Posted: 18 October 2018

Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers
Celebrating more than 50 years of computer-generated art
July to Nov. 18th. 2018.

Venue: Paintings, Room 88a The Edwin and Susan Davies Gallery and Room 90, The Julie and Robert Breckman Prints and Drawings Gallery.