Desmond Paul Henry 1921 - 2004

Curator: Elaine O'Hanrahan

Contact email: see Linkedin

British Pioneer of Computer Art | Manchester's 1960's Precursor to Digital Art.

Desmond Paul Henry - About

Who is Henry?

Desmond Paul Henry ranks amongst one of the most important British pioneers of early computer art.

His work during the 1960s, creating drawing machines adapted from cutting-edge WW2 computer technology, heralded developments which would lead to contemporary Digital Art.

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Desmond Paul Henry - News/Articles

News Stories

During the pioneering years of the 1960s, Henry featured in a number of publications and articles in the press.

Since the completion in 2005 of Elaine O’Hanrahan’s MPhil thesis on Henry, literary and media attention has been renewed and gone from strength to strength.

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Desmond Paul Henry - Gallery

View the gallery

The gallery section of our site aims to provide you with an extensive array of Henry images. Here we have collected together a selection of pictures that showcase the vast range of Henry's works as well as related images.

You can also access this service on Flickr

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Desmond Paul Henry - Remembered

Henry Remembered

Henry Remembered is a dedicated section containing all your fond memories of Desmond Paul Henry. Read the stories submitted by those that knew him.

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Desmond Paul Henry - Cameraless Photography

Cameraless Photography

As well as producing art work from drawing machines, Desmond Paul Henry also developed a series of cameraless photographs.

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Desmond Paul Henry - Home

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