Henry at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London Posted: 01 November 2012

Henry at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

British Design from 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age. London: V&A, 2012

One of DP Henry's works is reproduced as a full-page entry in a recent V&A publication on British Design:

C. Breward and G. Wood, eds. British Design from 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age. London: V&A, 2012, p.362. www.amazon.co.uk/British-Design-1948-Innovation-Modern

The picture is fully accredited to Henry in the 'picture credits' section of the publication. Henry's inclusion is a huge compliment and our thanks go to Senior Curator Doug Dodds at the V&A for informing us of this exciting development.

Desmond Heads To Conwy Posted: 01 November 2012

Desmond Heads To Conwy


20,000 people visited Conwy over the weekend to watch the projections. Highlights included Bedwyr Williams Boat Tour, Ludic Rooms on the castle, Aether and Hemera and their very loud interactive trees, helen Booth's hypnotic installation, The BBC and Culture Colony

Six Henry originals were exhibited and additional electronic versions of Henry originals were screened at the blincdigital exhibition held in Conwy Oct. 26-28. Henry's links with Alan Turing were also highlighted at this Turing-themed festival.

This is great news and some fantastic exposure for Desmond Paul Henry and we would like to thank Daniella Derbyshire, Craig Morrison and Greg Bryatt for their assistance in including Henry's work in such an epic event.

Desmond In Print Again Posted: 03 July 2014

Dr. Francisco Ricardo of Harvard University is to include Henry images and information in his third book on electronic art. He is also thinking of possibly including Henry in a forthcoming T. V series on electronic art in the states.

Dr. Ricardo is a founding editor of an international book series on art.

Drawing Books & REWIRE Posted: 01 September 2012

Drawing Books & REWIRE

Rewire 2011

Photographer Jessica Eskelsen of Becker & Mayer Books, Seattle has requested photos to accompany a piece on D.P. Henry which will appear in a forthcoming book/kit about drawing spirals.

Curator Elaine O'Hanrahan delivered a paper entitled Desmond Paul Henry: Computer Art's 'missing link' at REWIRE, the Fourth International Conference on Media Histories, Science and Technology held at Liverpool John Moore's University Art and Design Academy. The paper was well received and Elaine would like to thank everyone involved for their assistance and interest in Desmond Paul Henry.

Manchester, Spain & Over The Atlantic Posted: 01 April 2011

Henry is the only known British Digital Art pioneer of the early sixties. This indeed only makes him more interesting and as Henry’s works are revealed to an audience for the first time in years, we begin to see how news of the artist is traveling fast.

Henry’s exhibition at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) has been successfully capturing an audience over the last couple of months. The museum itself, with its links to industry, serves as a unique environment to display Henry’s work. Thankfully, the exhibition has received substantial local press coverage in: The Metro, The Manchester Evening News, and The Huddersfield Examiner which has undoubtedly helped draw a crowd. In addition, Peter Saville chatted to Guy Garvey about Henry’s machine drawings on Radio 4’s Front Row. It was nice to hear such well known figures giving credit to Henry’s works.

Furthermore, the exhibition has also received major international press coverage in The New York Times | The Herald Tribune (Alice Rawsthorn) and the Spanish newspaper El Pais (Antonio Fraguas). What has been interesting is the increase of Spanish followers for Desmond Henry on Facebook as a result of the article in the Spanish press.

In addition, over the Atlantic Ocean, examples of his machine-generated art are currently exhibited in the States, alongside such notable pioneers as Ben Laposky and Vera Molnar, at the deCordova’s Drawing with Code exhibition.

To summarise, 2011 has up-to-now been a positive year for Henry. There is a still a lot more to come, so watch this space.